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My JMT gear list

This is the gear I took on my JMT hike (Late-July through mid-August). Although I aimed for a base weight of 15 pounds, my base weight (excluding all consumables and worn/carried items) ended up being 16 lbs, 10 oz. I plan to post a more detailed review of my experience with these items on the trail sometime in the near future.

JMT gear list 2016


Category Item Weight (oz.) Comments
Backpack Gossamer Gear Mariposa (M, Small Hipbelt) 27.4 Comfortable. Can put my tent in the long side pocket.
Backpack liner Gossamer Gear pack liner 1.44 Clear, can see contents.
Tent Zpacks Triplex 24.4 Can comfortably fit two people plus gear. I added micro line locs to the guy lines.
Stakes MSR Mini Groundhogs (8 stakes total) 2.84 Light.
Sleeping bag Zpacks 20 degree sleeping bag (tall) 18.6 Warm, and I like that it doesn’t have a hood.
Sleeping bag dry bag Zpacks medium pillow dry bag  1.85 It’s very important to prevent sleeping bags from getting wet, especially down ones. I wish I had the normal, lighter dry bag though (I don’t use it as a pillow).
Sleeping pad Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XTherm (Regular) 16.13 Comfortable. The repair kit is included in the weight listed.
Pillow Big Sky Dreamsleeper  3.56  Perfect size and surprisingly comfortable. Can use with or without the pillowcase (it’s under 2 oz. without the pillowcase).
Stove Jetboil Sol Titanium (0.8L) 10.38 Boils water quickly. (Weight includes both the stove and pot)
Spoon Optimus Titanium Long Spoon 0.7 Long enough to eat Mountain House meals.
Water filter Sawyer Mini  3.03 Light and works well. (weight includes filter and cleaning plunger)
Water filter bags Sawyer Squeeze 32 ounce bags (2 bags) 1.96
Backup water treatment Aquamira tablets  0.28 Very light!
Water bottle (soft) Platypus Platy Bottle (2L) 1.4 Light and durable. Used for water storage.
Water bottle (disposable) Smartwater bottle (1L) 1 This is what I drink out of.
Stuff sack (clothing) Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Nano Dry Sack (8L) 0.87 Big enough for my clothes.
Stuff sack (electronics) Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Nano Dry Sack (4L) 0.73 Protects important items (electronics, money, etc).
Headlamp Black Diamond Spot 3.97 Very bright, and can adjust the angle of the light.
Camera Sony RX 100 8.53 Takes high quality photos. Love it.
Camera strap Gmarket 2.42 Allows my camera to be easily accessible all day long.
Tripod Pedco UltraPod Lightweight Camera Tripod 1.81 Has a velcro strap which helps it attach to branches, railings, etc.
Camera charger cord (no brand) 0.55
Camera Extra Battery Sony 0.88
Phone iPhone 6s 5.27 I like to download maps and then use them along with my phone’s GPS signal while on the trail.
Phone case  (no brand) 0.97
Phone charger cord Apple 0.66
Wall charger Apple 2.35
Headphones Sony 0.43
Portable battery Anker PowerCore 10,000 6.32  With 3 devices that need to be charged (phone, camera, Inreach), this is a necessary item.
Solar charger Suntactics sCharger-5 Portable Solar Charger 8.64 Works well, but takes time to charge something. Weight includes two mini carabiners that I can use to attach it to my backpack.
Trowel Qiwiz Cathole Trowel (Original) 0.61 Very light, but works well.
First aid kit (“Handmade”)  2.5  Ibuprofen, Imodium, Diphenhydramine, band-aids of various sizes, Leukotape (blister prevention/treatment), Neosporin, Curad antiseptic swabs, safety pin
Toiletries  7  Toothbrush, toothpaste, cleanser (repackaged), Sawyer sunscreen (2 ounce bottle, refilled through MTR resupply), shampoo (repackaged, used night before hike & at Red’s Meadow), tweezers, nail clippers, Aquaphor
Memo pad & pen Generic notebook and pen 1.3
Bear canister BearVault BV500 39.67 Affordable, and big enough.
Multi-tool Leatherman Style CS Multi-tool 1.48 The scissors are particularly useful.
Satellite Messenger DeLorme inReach SE  6.75 Allows me to send and receive messages on the trail, and can allow me to send out SOS messages as well.
Compass Suunto A-10 Field Compass  1.08 Cannot adjust declination. May upgrade to a Suunto M3 someday.
Map National Geographic map  3.27  I bought this map because it shows elevation profiles and campsites, and seems to be the preferred map by many hikers.
Map Tom Harrison JMT Map  0  Scanned them and put them on my phone. Can never have enough maps!
Guidebook John Muir Trail (ebook)  0  Can view on my phone (the paperback version is too heavy… weighs 12.46 oz).
Waterproof passport case/wallet Zpacks Passport Zip Pouch  0.34  I like that it has a waterproof zipper.
Toilet paper & Baby wipes  1.5  I put extra in resupplies.

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Category Item Weight (oz.) Comments
Rain jacket Outdoor Research Helium II Jacket 5.47  I like to wear my sun hat under the hood for better rain protection.
Rain kilt Zpacks Rain Kilt 1.93  I generally do not like wearing rain pants in the summer, so a rain kilt is a great alternative.
Insulating jacket Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Down Jacket 5.89 Warm enough. Got the version without the hood.
Wind jacket Patagonia Houdini Jacket 3.26 I wear this even I’m not hiking, as it’s light and easy to bring wherever I go.
Sleeping top Icebreaker Oasis  6.2
Sleeping bottom Smartwool midweight bottom  5.9 These are much more comfortable and soft than my Icebreaker baselayer bottoms.
Sleeping socks  (no brand) 1
Extra socks Injinji Trail Midweight Mini Crew Socks 1.94 I never get blisters when I wear these. (UPDATE: I got blisters on the JMT, mostly because of debris that got in my shoes.)
Extra underwear ExOfficio 0.88
Shorts Arc’Teryx Kapta Shorts 3.96 Perfect length.
Warm hat Original BlackRock Hat 0.89 Light and warm.
Gloves Possum Down Gloves  1.34  Light and warm.
Rain mitts Sandwich gloves (8) and rubber bands (2)  0.1  They fit over my possum gloves, and are something I already have (free is good!). Brought several since they are not very durable. Only used them once to roll up my wet/dirty tent on a very cold morning. I would definitely use proper rain mitts when hiking somewhere truly rainy or snowy, or in the shoulder season on the JMT.
Buff Original Buff 1.3  Can also be used as a small towel.
Mosquito headnet Sea to Summit Mosquito Head Net 0.96  Perfect for when you want to rest in a bug-filled location.


Category Item Weight (oz.) Comments
Hiking sticks Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork Trekking Poles  Love using them, and they’re long enough to hold up my tent.
Hat OR Sun Runner Cap  2.88 Not very fashionable, but offers protection from the sun. There are snaps that allow you to add/remove the sun skirt when necessary.
T-shirt Icebreaker Tech Tee  3.9  Reduces odor. Not as durable as a synthetic shirt, however. Mine had a few small holes and was a little faded by the end of the trail.
Hiking pants Airwalk  8.24 Stretchy, comfortable, slim-fit.
Sports Bra
Underwear  ExOfficio  0.88
Socks Injinji Trail Midweight Mini Crew Socks 1.93
Hiking shoes Brooks Cascadia 11  Toe box is smaller/’pointier’ than previous versions (not a good thing).
Gaiters Dirty Girl Gaiters 0.84  Helped keep rocks and dirt out of my shoes (not entirely successfully, however).
Watch       Suunto Core  2.31  I like the altimeter on this watch, but it needs to be adjusted daily. I adjusted mine whenever I reached a known elevation (such as a pass or lake).
Sun sleeves (No brand)  1.3 Love these! They protect my arms from the sun without making me too hot.

*For those viewing this list on a mobile device, be sure to scroll left/right to see the whole list.

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